We are able to offer you  3D print services for finished models.

The current capacity of the farm is 15 3D printers and 2 operators.

3D printout models using Repetier 3D printers in PLA and ABS variants.



Medicine and dentistry

  • Modeling of Body Parts Based on CT / RTG Snapshot – Preparations for Operations, Prosthetic Procedures
  • Production of custom implants
  • Making a stomatological fingerprint from a CT jaw file
  • Fixing Limbs (Exoskeletal)


  • Fast prototype production
  • Tool making
  • Production, customization and product individualization

Hobbies / Home Use

  • Production of personal items
  • Modeling, robotics
  • Creating parts for 3D printers


  • Creating building models

Design and Art

  • 3D reproduction of statues, equivalent to graphics
  • finishing of 3D objects
  • Print math functions